Crespaia - Sospesi tra terra e mare

Grappa (Grape spirit)

Long time aged in barrique

This grappa is distilled in small bain-marie machinery. It has a rich body and perfumes gained over time; it has absorbed a slight color from the wood and a large "bouquet". A full breed and harmonious grappa.

Alcoholic strenght: 42%
Raw material: Fermented grape vinasse
Distilling method: Discontinuos bain-marie with submerged vinasses
Affinamento: 24 months in oak barrel
Colour: Brilliant, amber-colored
Aroma: Extremely clean with hints of spices, vanilla, blonde tobacco.
Taste: Gentle, warm and persistent
Serving temperature: 9 - 11 C.


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Crespaia - Azienda agricola Prelato

Navigation system settings: Via Tolmino, Centinarola - FANO (PU)
Head up the hill for approximately 3km, then turn right at the first crossroad (Prelato/Crespaia)
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GPS coordinates:
Lat. 43° 49′ 27 ” N. -  Long. 012° 57′ 56″ E.
Phone: + 39 0721 862383
E-mail: [email protected]

Opening times
Monday to Saturday:
09:00 - 12:30
Crespaia è associata all'istituto marchigiano di tutela vini