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Pesaro e Urbino is an italian historic province.
It got several denomination before the Italian state was born: Montefeltro Duchy then Metauro Department under Napoleon and further on Urbino and Pesaro aposteles’ delegation as part of papal state.
Since celtic ivasion at the end of century V B.C., Pesaro e Urbino province has been an economic and cutural crossing area linking mainland Italy and the lands up from the Po valley. The province and its territory was part of Cisalpine Gallia until romans conquered it in 295 B.C with the battle of Sentino, defeating senones gauls.
Fano is a particularly important city of the province. It was a powerful roman center called Fanum Fortunae referred to the Fortunae Temple probably built as testimony of Metauro battle:
it was 207 B.C. , the Roman legion smite the army of carthagynian general Asdrubal, killing him, after he climbed over Alps riding war elephants, in the attempt of reunite with his brother Hannibal.

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Crespaia - Azienda agricola Prelato

Navigation system settings: Via Tolmino, Centinarola - FANO (PU)
Head up the hill for approximately 3km, then turn right at the first crossroad (Prelato/Crespaia)
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GPS coordinates:
Lat. 43° 49′ 27 ” N. -  Long. 012° 57′ 56″ E.
Phone: + 39 0721 862383
E-mail: [email protected]

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Monday to Saturday:
09:00 - 12:30
Crespaia è associata all'istituto marchigiano di tutela vini